CHIC Magazine: Helmé, the serum that you must have in your beauty counter!

"Five days were enough to approve and give a 100 to this serum with the Mexican stamp, this because just like its name DETOX says, this product literally detoxifies your skin and restores its luminosity in a super natural way.

Since the product arrived at CHIC headquarters, the first thing that caught my attention was its base ingredient: activated charcoal, because for a couple of years this generic term has drawn my attention for its properties and power to detoxify and cleanse the skin. But what definitely convinced me to try it on my face was hyaluronic acid, since for months I have been curious to apply it on my skin, and see if the wonders that people and beauty experts say are true.

Before I reveal my five-day diary of testing this product, I want to quickly tell you about Helmé Skin, a totally sustainable Mexican brand with ideal products to complement your routine and that completely nourish your skin. Its main objective is to highlight natural beauty thanks to the ingredients that give life to its three star products: LASILO - gel to strengthen, extend and grow your eyelashes, DETOX - serum to clean, illuminate and eliminate impurities from your face, and MILDI - Vitamin C serum to illuminate, hydrate and give an anti-aging effect with daily use.

Now, get ready to keep reading and learn about the benefits of DETOX, the serum that really helped me to know, treat and heal my skin. Although this serum is compatible with all skin types, it is ideal for oily and combination skin, and the benefits are enhanced in skin prone to acne. In my case, my skin is normal and I hardly have pimple problems, I only have one or another outbreak when my body wants to yell at me that I am overindulging on junk food and alcohol or that my period is about to start. And thanks to this product I realized that although I believed that my face was clean and that the products that I normally use eliminate all the impurities that the environment and makeup can generate, I was completely wrong!

DAY 1 - I started the test this product on a Sunday night, taking advantage of the fact that I did not apply makeup on my face. I only washed my face with a special soap and put drops with the serum dropper on each side, on the forehead and on the chin, and distributed the product all over my face. At this time I did not feel an instant effect.

DAY 2 - This day I did apply makeup to my face, so at the end of the day I only removed makeup with special wipes and again did the serum routine from the day before. Just like the first day, I didn't feel or see any effects.

DAY 3 - This day really changed everything! I woke up with three outbreaks on my forehead, right cheek and chin, which is where they usually appear. My first thought was okay, this serum is detoxifying me. So I opted not to apply makeup just my daily moisturizer. At night I washed my face and applied the serum like the last two days.

DAY 4 - The breakouts did not magically disappear, but I did notice how little by little they were drying up and starting to disappear, so again I did not put on makeup and did my night routine.

DAY 5 - The three breakouts were hardly noticeable, they didn't even have a white spot anymore, so I really noticed the difference in how this serum not only helped to remove all the bad that my face was harboring, but also to heal my skin quickly .

My personal conclusion on this serum is that:

- It helps to completely cleanse your skin in a much deeper way than other soaps or creams can do.

- Not only does it help you clean and remove impurities, it also heals you quickly. (I am very desperate with breakouts and it makes me want to squeeze them, and with the speed that I noticed from this serum, I did not even try to squeeze them)

- I think that if personally, my skin does not have a tendency for breakouts, much less acne, in a person who really has to deal with these problems, this serum will really be your best beauty ally. "

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